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                K-9 Pet Potty Patch Training System                                                  

Priced From $27.50 to $84.99

Ever Lasting K9-Potty Series


  The K-9 Pet Potty Patch Training Systems    

K-9 Potty

Click Picture Below to See Video on How The Turf Drains

Designed in several sizes for large and small dogs. K-9 Potty patch can be used indoors and outdoors. There are two types of K-9 Potty Patch's. A two level system and a three level System. The first level is the base tray ranging from 3 inches to a 1/ 2 inches in depth. If the tray is 1 inch or smaller in depth, a 2nd level air flow grate can not be used. The two level potty patch trays are most commonly used for a small dogs. These two level potty patches are extremely lightweight and easy to clean. A perfect size for that Small Dog. The tray itself has a built in grate designed into the tray which acts as a 2nd level. The Built in grate helps to keep the turf from being submerged in the pee. It's always a good idea to add a little water. By adding water it helps to dilute the pee and control the smell. The three layer K-9 Potty Patch trays are deeper and allows for more water than the small dog trays. When the pet dose number two on the turf, simply remove has a normal situation.You can spray some soapy water on the spot or if you like you can buy a pet deodorizer spray. The 2nd layer is a lightweight plastic detachable air flow grate which aids in increasing the depth between the turf and the bottom of the tray. This allows for more space between the turf. The 2nd level keeps the grass like turf elevated, preventing it from being submerged in the pee.

PS : When adding water, its okay to fill the tray up to the bottom level of the turf.This will help the pee to flow better into the water and better control the smell. We recommend to empty your tray regularly.

Lastly the top level is the turf itself.

  It looks Like, Feels Like Real Grass   

A natural looking synthetic turf green color and even has a two tone thatch. The turf is Permeable. See drainage video above. Designed for commercial like applications, such has dog kennels, rooftops and lawns. It has a life expectancy of 20 plus years. Beware of hole punched turfs. Hole punched turfs have, if your lucky about five holes per square foot. The holes are smaller than a number two style pencil. When the dog pees, the urine is likely to sit on the turf and start to smell. You will need to clean more often with hole punched turfs.

For this reason we do not offer hole punched turfs at {diyturfapplications} for our K-9 Potty Patch.

Note : When and if you have no need to use the K-9 Potty Patch, it can be used has a Boot Tray or Door Mat. All of our K-9 Potty Patch's are made to order. Or you can Diy if you like. We can suggest different types of trays for you and homemade grates. You just need to order the Turf from us.


Click on Picture Below to see Video of Dogs Playing On Synthetic turf

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